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Poverty in the US: Homelessness & Housing Instability

The bigger picture

Who does homelessness often impact?

Homelessness can impact anyone and is a complex and complicated issue. The list below mentions just a few of the groups of people who are often most impacted by homelessness.

  • Youth, including LGBTQ youth, sometimes called runaway and throwaway youths
  • Families, including single parents with children
  • People with disabilities 
  • People with mental illnesses
  • Veterans 
  • The elderly

Organizations that help

Below are some links to organizations who help the homeless. These websites include statistics, reports, articles, fact-sheets and additional resources.

Homelessness in the United States

Sources on the web

Helpful homelessness-relief related organizations

Listed below are just some of the well known organizations working towards ending homelessness. 

Local Resources

See the linked websites below for just a few of the local, King County-focused resources

Additionally, there is a Homelessness and Hunger Research Guide with information regarding finding housing and food in the King and Pierce County area. Use the link below to access this guide.