MGMT 310 Marketing Research

Find Company & CRM Information

Search for company research in Business Insights: Global.

Start at Company Profiles. From the drop down menu, select:

  • Company Finder

    • Core financial info and comparable companies

    • Link to company website & contact information

    • Links to articles from news, industry, and trade sources. READ closely for information on products and services, customer issues, strategies & trends, and other info relevant to your CRM analysis.

  • Company Histories
  • SWOT Reports 
    • Read closely for company strengths and weaknesses, product enhancement strategies, new services, technology to enhance CRM, and more.
  • Investment Reports
  • Financial Reports
    • Read closely for ideas to improve CRM.

Company Finder: 

Business Insights Global Company Finder


Business Insights Global -Company and CRM Research

SWOT Analysis:

Read the SWOT analysis to identify company and industry challenges and opportunities for CRM improvement. 


Search for company research in Business Source Complete

I suggest two strategies:

  • Read MarketLine Company reports 
  • Search for articles by company name and limit to Product Reviews, Market Reports, SWOT analyses, and trade at Source Types.  
  • Search for articles specifically on CRM, using keywords such as: CRM: "customer relationship management," customers, clients, etc.
1: Select Company Profiles

Marketline Company Profiles

2: Search by company name and limit by source type. 
  • Try focusing your research further with keywords that capture CRM, such as CRM, customers, customer relationship management, services, etc.: 
  • Look for CRM in the industry and apply to your company analysis.

BSP-Source Types


Search for company research in ProQuest Business Collection 

I suggest two strategies:

  • Search for articles by company name and limit by Source Type to:
    • Reports, including SWOT analyses and other company reports   
  • Search for articles specifically on CRM, using keywords such as: CRM: "customer relationship management," customers, clients, etc.

ProQuest -StarbucksANDCRM

Step 2: Company Research & CRM Research Strategies

Research a Company

Do company research using library databases on this page.

You will find links, tips, and sample searches in three database in the column to the right. 

You may use the research tools to browse companies or you may search for information on a specific company. Note that industry reports may include reports on companies within an industry, as well.

Look for company reports, such as SWOT analyses, as well as news and trade articles on specific companies.

Look on the Web for company websites to find their annual reports, mission statements, and future-oriented strategies.

Information is produced for different audiences and purposes. Be sure to read a range of sources from: 
  • industry reports by financial firms

  • to trade articles from industry publications

  • to news and analysis from journalists.

Each will offer a different perspective.