MGMT 310 Marketing Research

Business Databases and Search Tips, Tricks, & Screenshots

Business Insights Global - To find information about industries and companies within an industry, market share reports, industry essays, and Plunkett Reports. Mouse over Industries for options.

To find info: type in an industry name, browse the list of industries, or enter a NAICS code. If you don't know the NAICS code, use the link to the left to search for one. 

search or browse for industry info

Industry overviews have a range of information, including an overview of the industry and the largest stakeholders in the industry, introductory industry reports, and links to news and analysis, market research, and more. 

Industry overview page

Plunkett Reports provide in-depth data on industry financials, employment, and companies within an industry. They are also a good place to select a company for part B of the CRM analysis.

Plunkett reports

To find industry information in Business Source Premier, either: 

  • enter relevant keywords for your industry

  • OR use filters to search by NAICS code. 

Business Source Premier Keyword search

OR scroll down to NAICS code search: 

NAICS code search

SELECT from a range of information using limiters on the left. Click on an interesting article title to read the Abstract. Read the full text in HTML or PDF. 

Use limiters in Business Source Premier



Select BROWSE to find Industry Reports in ProQuest Business Collection: 

Browse to find industry reports

Look for relevant industry reports in BMI and First Research Industry Reports.

ProQuest Industry Reports

If your keywords don't return a NAICS code, click on the 2022 NAICS search to find your code.

  • Start with a very general category your industry might fit within and drill down to specific industries within that category. 
    • Click on a code to focus your search and to learn more.
  • In the illustration below, I selected code 51 for Information and then narrowed in on 51921 for Libraries and Archives. 

NAICS Industry Classification Codes

NAICS Classification for Information Industries

NAICS > Information > Libraries


Industry Research

Industry Research

Conduct industry research using library databases on this page.

You will find links, tips, and sample searches in three database in the column to the right. 

You may use the research tools to browse industries or you may search for information on a specific industry.

Look for industry reports, essays, and news and trade articles on specific industries.

Different Kinds of Business Information

Information is produced for different audiences and purposes. Be sure to read a range of sources, including: 

  • industry reports by financial firms

  • trade articles from industry publications

  • news and analysis from journalists

  • scholarly analysis and research 

Each will offer a different perspective.