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One Book 2018-2019: Intersectionality - Citizen & Born Bright: Born Bright by C Nicole Mason

GRC's 18-19 One Book explores the experience of intersectionality in two titles: Born Bright: A Young Girl's Journey from Nothing to Something in American by C. Nicole Mason & Citizen: An American Lyric by Claudia Rankine

About the author

"C. Nicole Mason is the author of Born Bright: A Young Girl’s Journey from Nothing to Something in America (St. Martin’s Press) and heads up CR2PI at the New York Women’s Foundation.

Nicole is the Executive Director of the Center for Research and Policy in the Public Interest (CR2PI) at the New York Women’s Foundation.  Nicole is also the creator of the Lead The Way Initiative for emerging women of color executive directors and mid-level managers working in the social sector. Since it’s inception, more than 100 leaders have cycled through the program including a Presidential Appointee and a McArthur Foundation Genius.

For more than two decades, Nicole has worked on a range of pressing social issues from violence against women to reproductive justice to economic security. She is also the former Executive Director of the Women of Color Policy Network at New York University’s Robert F. Wagner Graduate School of Public Service."

Source: "About Nicole" by C. Nicole Mason

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A quote from Born Bright

"We are all born bright. The difference between you and me is small. From the start, we all have the same potential for greatness and reach for the same things. However, our experiences and interactions in the world and the denial of humanity in very subtle but meaningful ways threaten the light. And then it is gone. After going dark, some of us learn to reignite ourselves."  

-From Born Bright, C. Nicole Mason

Interview: C. Nicole Mason

Source: "Between the Lines: C. Nicole Mason and Vanessa K. De Luca" by Schomburg Center, Sept. 26, 2016, Standard YouTube License.

TEDTalk: C. Nicole Mason

Source: "How Library Stuff Works: How to Disrupt Expectations" by TED Archive, April 3, 2017, Standard YouTube License.

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