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CMST 238 Intercultural Communication: Searching Websites

Google Advanced Search

 Google Advanced Search

  Find websites that are more relevant to your needs by using the advanced search features in Google

Example scenario:

You are researching how stem cells from human embryos might help cure neurological diseases, especially Parkinson's disease

As outlined in the example search in the image below, you can use the following advanced search limiters are used and why:

  • Limiter: this exact word or phrase
    • this will wrap whatever words you place into the box in quotation marks  - that will limit the results to websites with this exact phrase
  • Limiter: any of these words
    •  By putting in "neural disease" OR "Parkinson's disease" - your search will show you websites that refer to either neural disease OR specifically to Parkinson's disease (a type of neural disease). This broadens your search
  • Limiter: none of these words
    • ‚ÄčUse this limiter by putting in a term or phrase that you do not want to see on any of the websites. The example word of cloning will not show up in your results about stem cells.
  • Limiter: site or domain
    • And since you hope to find good, authoritative websites that have content that have been thoroughly researched, limit your results to government (.gov) websites

(click on image to enlarge)

screenshot of the advanced search options in Google, as outlined in the text after the image