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This guide will show you what technology is available in the Digital Media Lab and will provide you with resources for creating digital media project

Suggested classes:
Photography Foundations
Introduction to Photography

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Cannon PowerShot SX530 HS

A compact Point-and-Shot camera that is simple to use and capable of taking beautiful high quality photographs. This camera can also be used to record 1080p Full HD video. Use this camera to take photos for your next photography project or for use in other class projects or presentations.

What's included with this camera?
- Carrying Case
- 32GB Memory Card
- USB cord for uploading files
- Extra battery and wall charger
- Lens cleaning cloth

Check out one of our tripods for use with this camera. (Camera uses a standard tripod mount)

How do I use this camera?

Below is a link to a PDF of this camera's user manual. There is also information below about transferring files to a computer. Check out the linked video on the right for a detailed overview of the camera's basic features.

How do I transfer files from the camera to a computer?

Step 1:
Plug USB drive into computer and camcorder

Step 2:
Turn camera's power on and/or push the play button [►]

Step 3:
On the dialog box that opens select "Import pictures and videos"

Step 4:
On the resulting box select "Import settings"

Step 5:
On the resulting box select "browse" next to "Import images to:" and browse to the folder you would like to save the files to.

Special Note:
Files saved to the desktop of school computers will be deleted whenever that computer is restated. All computers restart over night. Be sure to save the files to a USB drive, external hard drive or in another manner.

Photo Editing Software Available in the Digital Media Lab

Adobe Photoshop

Canon PowerShot SX530 HS Tutorial (Nick Ackerman)

Digital Photography Books