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ANTH 204 Archaeology: Locate Relevant Academic Sources - Tips

Use Academic Articles

1. Use search word related to "controversy" 
In the search tools above, combine search words with your excavation site name, culture group or types of evidence.

controversy perspectives hypothesis schools of thought
debate interpretations theory proponents OR supporters
argument inference proof opponents

Example searches using
the name of the excavation site:

grasshopper pueblo controversy
grasshopper pueblo perspectives
grasshopper pueblo hypothesis


Example searches using
the name of the culture group:

Mogollon archaeology controversy
Mogollon archaeology schools of thought
Mogollon archaeology interpretations

Examples using
types of evidence:

burial sites grasshopper pueblo debate
architecture grasshopper pueblo controversy
pottery mogollon argument

‚Äč2. Use the References Page at the end of articles:



Try different search tools... such as Google Scholar and others