ENGL 115 Introduction to Novels

Literary Criticism Database

Search for scholarly critical analysis of novels, plays, short stories and poetry in the literary criticism database Gale Literature.

To search Gale Literature, type in any of the following:
  • Author Name (often last, first works best)
  • Title of Work (if a short story or chapter, also try title of full work)
  • Keyword (an idea or theme you want to focus on)

Limit to literary criticism. Please note that some of the literary criticism is scholarly and much of it is not. 

How can you tell if you found scholarship? Consider:
  • Does it say Peer Reviewed? If so, then it is a scholarly essay.
  • Does it say Critical Essay? (It may be scholarly)
  • Is the title complex and indicate the the analysis will be original and sophisticated? 
  • Is the article lengthy?
  • Does the article make a claim, or argument, that it explores and supports through interpreting the literary work and engaging with ideas by other scholars? 

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Find Scholarly Lit Crit in Gale Lit

Beyond Our Collection: Interlibrary Loan

Using the Interlibrary Loan Service

InterLibrary Loan: No library has it all! But the InterLibrary Loan (or ILL) is a service offered by Holman Library for borrowing books and articles from other libraries. InterLibrary Loan requests are free to current GRC students, faculty and staff.

For your research, it is important to search many places.
  • First, start with the books and articles available through the Holman Library.

  • Then, If you find books and articles that the Library does NOT have access to, just request them through Interlibrary Loan.

  • Using Interlibrary Loan increases the amount of resources available to you and helps you become a more thorough researcher.

  • Books and other items that require mailing may take 1-2 weeks.

  • Articles and other digital items may arrive within 2-5 days. Use your email as your contact info and the article will be sent directly to you.

If you need help filling out this form, call the library reference desk at (253) 931-6480.

Other places you can search...

Use the links below to look for books, articles and more beyond our collection:

Library Databases with Scholarly Literary Criticism

Holman Library Multidisciplinary Databases:

The following databases have scholarly literature criticism in them - along with other sources and subjects. 

Build your search slowly with keywords and subject terms to find the most relevant articles. 

Pay attention to words you find! Sometimes a synonym or alternative term works better.

One Search

Search for peer reviewed articles in all library databases at once with Holman Library One Search. 

  • Be sure to limit to Peer Reviewed Journals from your results list.
  • I suggest checking the box to Include Texts that are not Full Text. You may borrow them through InterLibrary Loan. 

Books can be Scholarly Too!

Find Scholarly Books

Search the Holman Library book collection for scholarship on an author, work, literary movement, genre and more! 

  • Tip: Try adding Literature Criticism or Literary Criticism as a Subject Term to find scholarship. 

To limit only to ebooks, click on Read Online.