CJ 110 Criminal Law

This guide will help you locate background, news sources, and law, as well as APA citation information, for your research project on crimes against public decency / order in Jane Swenson's class.

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What should you type in to GVRL? 

  • Try starting with "Substance abuse" OR addiction AND  crime
  • Think of other relevant search terms to try
  • Look for Subjects and other Keywords in the database

Search: substance abuse OR addiction AND crime

Sample Ideas:
  • drug court
  • addiction AND crime
  • decriminalization
  • incarceration AND drug treatment
  • war on drugs


Research in Criminal Law: Substance Abuse, Crime, & the Carceral System

Prison Policy Initiative: 1 in 5 people are incarcerated for a drug offense

Prison Policy Initiative: Mass Incarceration The Whole Pie 2020

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