CJ 110 Criminal Law

This guide will help you locate background, news sources, and law, as well as APA citation information, for your research project on crimes against public decency / order in Jane Swenson's class.

Editorials and Op-eds

Editorials are a great way to find reasoned opinions on current controversial topics.

Use these specialized searches to find full-text editorials in the library's databases:

  • In ProQuest, use the Document Type limiter. There are two ways to do that.
    • Scroll down the Advanced Search screen to Document Type and click the box by Editorial: 

  • In Academic Search Complete, limit to editorials at  the document type limiter menu option or search "editorials" in "Subject Terms" on the first row of search boxes:

Finding Opinion

You will find opinion and arguments on your topic in the news and in scholarly articles.

Use the same databases you searched for news articles to find opinion and scholarship.

  • To find opinion: limit to Editorials at document Type or enter Editorials as a Subject Term
  • To find scholarship: limit to Scholarly (peer reviewed) Journals.