CJ 110 Criminal Law

This guide will help you locate background, news sources, and law, as well as APA citation information, for your research project on crimes against public decency / order in Jane Swenson's class.

Holman Library online databases

For this assignment, you need to select scholarly articles from Criminal Justice journals.    

Use these databases to search for scholarly articles on criminal justice topics:

How to find scholarly criminal justice articles in library databases

Why Read Scholarship?

Why read scholarly literature? 

Scholarly journals advance knowledge in a field of study.

Some features of scholarly literature:
  • Identify problems and issues to be researched

  • Provide an overview of existing knowledge on the topic - and gaps in existing approaches

  • Reports of original research and/or analysis

  • Authored by credentialed experts in the scholarly field

  • In-depth analysis of topics

Criminal justice/Legal archives on the web

You can find some good scholarly criminal justice articles for this assignment on the free web, but remember, the burden of proof rests on you to determine if the article is scholarly.

The following legal archives on the web offer some free full text content.