CJ 110 Criminal Law

This guide will help you locate background, news sources, and law, as well as APA citation information, for your research project on crimes against public decency / order in Jane Swenson's class.

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  • Use AND to focus.
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  • Set a date limit.
  • Check Full Text. 
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ProQuest Incarceration AND Substance Abuse

News & Magazine Articles v. Peer-Reviewed Articles

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Why not Google News logo?

Google  (and other web search tools, like Bing!) will often filter results (see link below), especially for topics that might be considered illegal or offensive. The list of filtered words changes over time (see the example of Google removing 'bisexual' from its filter in 2012, below), but it is difficult because search engine companies do not make it clear when or what they are filtering when they filter search results.

Advocate article image - 'Google Removes Bisexual from its list of dirty words.'

Garcia, M. (2012) "Google removes 'bisexual' from its list of dirty words.' The Advocate Retrieved from http://www.advocate.com/society/technology/2012/09/11/google-removes-bisexual-its-list-dirty-words

Finding News & Magazine articles in library databases

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