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READ 104 Reading Mastery (Johnson): Find News & Analysis from the Mainstream & Alternative Press

Why Magazine & Newspaper Articles

Use magazine & newspaper articles
  • to learn about current events and news
  • to find analysis of current issues
  • to find information or opinions about popular culture

Some of the resources on this page express perspectives not always heard in the mainstream press! For social issues and activism, it makes sense to gather information from a variety of sources. 

Use ProQuest and Academic Search Complete for a diversity of points of view - both mainstream and alternative.

Alt-Press Watch and Ethnic News-Watch are dedicated to offering alternative points of view.

Mother Jones- Occupy Movement

"Mother Jones is a nonprofit news outlet that delivers bold and original award-winning reporting on the urgent issues of our day, from politics and climate change to education and the food we eat. We investigate stories that are in the public and the nation's interest."

Mother Jones is available in ProQuest, Academic Search Complete and Alt-Press Watch

Ms. Magazine is a magazine of news and opinion from a feminist p.o.v.

Ms. is available in ProQuest and in print.

Search the journal In These Times in Alt-Press Watch


Streaming Video

Finding magazines and newspapers in ProQuest

ProQuest is one of the best tools to search for newspaper and magazine articles. Remember to limit to only magazine articles or newspaper articles by clicking the appropriate tab. You may search both together. Selecting Feature as the Document Type will return more substantial articles.

For the alternative and independent press, ProQuest features two collections. Note that much of this content is in a ProQuest search. Using Ethnic NewsWatch and Alt-Press Watch helps you know if it's mainstream or not.

  • Ethnic NewsWatch: For viewpoints not covered by the mainstream press, a bilingual (English and Spanish) database of ethnic, minority and native newspapers, magazines and journals.
  • Alt-Press Watch: A full text database of newspapers, magazines and journals from alternative and independent presses. "Challenge mainstream media coverage" for new perspectives on your topics.

Checking the Facts

Politicians are not required by law to tell the truth and government agencies can be influenced by political bias. Be sure to check your facts and figures!

Alternative & Independent News