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Contemporary Native American Literature

There There

Main Collection

Call Number: 813.6 O63t 2018

Here is a story of several people, each of whom has private reasons for traveling to the Big Oakland Powwow...


War Dances

Main Collection

Call Number: 813.5 A384w 2009

A collection of short stories includes the title story, in which a famous writer, who just learned he may have a brain tumor, must decide how to care for his distant, American Indian father who is slowly dying.


The Ancient Child: A Novel

Main Collection

Call Number: 813.5 M732a

Based on an Indian myth about a boy who turns into a bear, this mystic novel concerns a young artist who confronts his unusual destiny with the aid of the beautiful medicine woman who loves him


Spider Woman's Granddaughters: Traditional Tales and Contemporary Writing by Native American Women

Main Collection

Call Number: 810.8092 S754 1990

 ...powerful collection of traditional tales, biographical writings, and contemporary short stories, many by the most accomplished Native American women writing today...


The Plague of Doves

Main Collection

Call Number: 813.5 E66p 2008

The unsolved murder of a farm family haunts the small, white, off-reservation town of Pluto, North Dakota. The vengeance exacted for this crime and the subsequent distortions of truth transform the lives of Ojibwe living on the nearby reservation and shape the passions of both communities for the next generation.

People of the Whale: A Novel

Main Collection

Call Number: 813.5 H714p 2008

Raised in a remote seaside village, Thomas Witka Just marries Ruth, his beloved since infancy. But an ill-fated decision to fight in Vietnam changes his life forever: cut off from his Native American community, he fathers a child with another woman. When he returns home a hero, he finds his tribe in conflict over the decision to hunt whale, both a symbol of spirituality and rebirth and a means of survival.


Gardens in the Dunes: A Novel

Main Collection

Call Number: 813.5 S583g

A sweeping, multifaceted tale of a young Native American pulled between the cherished traditions of a heritage on the brink of extinction and an encroaching white culture, Gardens in the Dunes is the powerful story of one woman's quest to reconcile two worlds that are diametrically opposed.

Creation & Foundational Stories

Voices of the Winds: Native American Legends

Main Collection

Call Number: 398.2 N278 2004

Voices of the Winds gathers more than 130 Native American legends, many told to the authors by elder storytellers and tribal historians

The Telling of the World: Native American Stories and Art

Oversized Collection

Call Number: 398.2 T276

The anthology contains legends and stories from many Native American tribes and nations - Mohawk, Sioux, Cree, Nez Perce, Yakima, Cherokee, Zuni, to name but a few - collected from both traditional and contemporary sources.

Native American Storytelling

Main Collection

Call Number: 398.2 N278 2004

The myths and legends in this book have been selected both for their excellence as stories and because they illustrate the distinctive nature of Native American storytelling

Flying with the Eagle, Racing the Great Bear: Stories from Native North America

Call Number: eBook

A collection of coming-of-age tales of young Native American men

American Indian Trickster Tales

Main Collection

Call Number: 398.2089 E66a 1999

One hundred illustrated stories on Indian tricksters. 

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