Search Words

Use different search tools (in the tabs at the top of this page) to find information

1. FIRST: Try broad search words relating to your topic, such as:

  • genetically modified food

2.  NEXT: Try a new search.  Add words to narrow your search, such as:

nutrition safety
legislation environment
controversy agribusiness
poverty small farms
hunger food labeling
health pest resistance


  • Example searches:
    genetically modified food labeling
    genetically modified food safety
    genetically modified food hunger


3.  FINALLY: Brainstorm synonyms or related terms for search words

  • Example: hunger- food supply, food security, famine, malnutrition
  • Example searches:
    • genetically modified food famine
    • genetically modified hunger
    • genetically modified food malnutrition

Search Strategies

Helpful Search Strategies

1. When searching use the words AND / OR / NOT to help you broaden or narrow your search results.

2. Use truncation symbols (usually ? or *) in library catalogs and databases to capture all forms of words (forest* will search forest, forests, forester, forested, foresting).

3. Keep searches simple using basic search words. For example, search body image women , not how does body image affect women in the United States?

4. Use a variety of search words.  For example, try different searches to find different results:
          body image women
          self image women
          personal appearance women
          anorexia women
          body image teenagers