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Geographic Information Systems (GIS): Finding Background

This guide will help you find case studies & resources related to your GIS projects at the Holman Library & online.

Begin your research

Use reference books and articles:

  • to get background information on an issue or topic
  • to get statistical information
  • to quickly scan a topic for keywords 
  • to get leads to other sources (bibliographies)

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Online reference sources

Use the following online reference databases to find background information and overviews on a wide variety of topics. Unlike Wikipedia, you can see the academic authority of the author of the articles. You can use the references to find more resources and the information in the reference overview to help you identify important terms to search when looking for books or articles.

  • TIP: Start with broad, general terms (example: "wildlife management," "wildfires," "drought") when searching reference works.
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Focus on Related Subject Reference at the Holman Library

Reference Books for GIS

Subject specific reference materials.