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READ 104 Reading Mastery (Rosemond): HELP

This guide is here to assist students in Harry Rosemond's READ104 class

Campus Tutoring Centers

Tutoring on campus

Your GRC Librarians!

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Your friendly GRC librarians are Amanda Chin, Jennifer Rohan, Jody Segal, Katie Cunnion, Marji MacKenzie, Philip Whitford, Christina DelliSante, Heather Jefferies, Katie Straton, and Sue Schub.

If you have questions about this guide, or just need more help, please call, email, chat, or stop by the Reference Desk! Looking for a specific librarian? Use the links below to email us, or to see a list of your liaison librarians!

Email Us

Finding additional help

In Person

Find a librarian at the Information Desk during the library's open hours (see link below). This is the best way to contact your librarians if you are on campus and need immediate assistance or have a lengthy or complication question. You can also set up a on-one-one appointment with a librarian. Use the links below. 

By Phone

Contact a librarian during the library's open hours.

  • (253) 833-9111 Ext. 2091

By Chat

Chat with a librarian through the library's chat/IM service. We participate in an international cooperative where librarians from partnering colleges and universities will answer questions, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week! This is an immediate option but you will most likely not be speaking to a Green River College librarian so use the Email option below to directly contact your librarians.

By Email

Email a librarian with a reference question at This is an alternative to chat/IM if you want help specifically from a Green River College librarian. This is not an immediate option as emails will be only answered during normal business hours.

How Do I...?

Guides are designed to help you with the research process every step of the way - from the basics of logging in to a computer, to finding books, videos, articles and other resources, to evaluating the information you find for its reliability.

You can always ask a librarian for assistance, but if you want to dig in yourself, these How Do I guides are a good place to star

Campus Support Services

Support services on campus