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How to log on at GRC: Wireless Network & Printing

This guide explains how to access your student email, Canvas classes, Microsoft Office, and campus computers.


GRCWIFI - Internet Access for Student, Staff, Faculty & GRC Guests

In order to connect to GRCWIFI, you will need to have first set up your Green River Network Password (this password resets for all students at the start of each quarter). You can reset this password on-campus, or by using the password manager below:


  1. On the device you are connecting to GRCWIFI, open up your WiFi connections menu and connect to the network named "GRC WIFI."

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Wireless Connections: GRCWIFI

  1. Once you have connected to GRCWIFI, a browser should automatically open the GRC Web Portal. Click "Continue."
    >> If the web portal does not open automatically --  Open a browser manually (suggested: Chrome, or Safari on iOS / Mac devices) and go to 

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GRC Web Portal

  1. Select whether you wish to connect as a Student, Employee, or Guest of Green River College: 
      * Students are registered into GRCWIFI for the duration of the current academic year (through the end of Spring Quarter).
      * Employees are registered into GRCWIFI for ten years from the date of their first enrollment into the network.
      * Guests are registered for 12 hours of GRC WIFI access.

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GRC WiFi Connection Categories

  1. Accept the "Green River College Acceptable Computer Use Policy"
  2. Enter your GRC Network Username and Password.

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GRCWIFI Student Authentication- username and password

  1. Registration complete! Your device is now fully connected to GRCWIFI and you are ready to browse the Internet!

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GRCWIFI complete

Need more help?

Come visit us in the Holman Library Information Commons or the Technology Center Open Computer Labs for more assistance during normal business hours!

Printing During COVID (Printing Delivery & Pickup)

The Library Can Print for You!

Though the library building is closed to the public, we are able to print for you!

We can:

  • Print personal work and a limited amount of copyrighted work, within guidelines.
  • Send your printing via mail or have it available for you to come pick up.
  • Print black & white, color, and larger posters.

Note: All printing will use your printing points. For more information about printing formats and printing points, please see the rest of this guide. 

Want something printed? Please fill out the form below!

Source: "How to request printing from Holman Library" by Holman Library is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 4.0

Learn how you can request to have assignments and other course materials printed by the Holman Library during the COVID-19 pandemic reduction of on-campus services.

Printing @ GRC


In order to reduce the impact of paper use and printing on our environment, the default on all printers in the Information Commons is set to print two-sided pages.

  • If you would like help printing single-sided pages, please ask a librarian or student assistant for help in the IC or TC labs.

Print Allocation

At the beginning of each quarter, all currently enrolled students receive a print allocation credit of 350 points. Points are automatically debited every time you print or copy. 

  • Black & white copies are one (1) point per side. [2-sided copy = 2 points]
  • Black & white prints are one (1) point for each piece of paper. [2-sided printout = 1 point]
  • Color prints are ten (10) points.
  • Posters are one hundred (100) points.
  • Unused points accumulate from quarter to quarter, until a maximum of 1000 points is reached.  
  • If you do not attend Green River for 6 months, your account will be deleted along with accumulated points.

You may add points at a cost of $.05/point to your account by purchasing $1, $5, or $10 print cards (20, 100, and 200pts) by calling the library at (253) 931-6480.

Check Your Print Points

You can check how many print points you have on any campus computer. If you are not on campus, you can check with the Student Virtual Desktop. Watch this video with instructions: