This guide will help you research William Shakespeare and his work.

Shakespeare on Film

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Search Shakespeare in the Holman Library catalog of video recordings and you will find 193 films - from productions of Shakespeare's works to select scenes with commentary to films about the Shakespearean theater or set design. You can even choose from or compare 11 different versions of Hamlet - from Olivier to Burton to Brannaugh. 

 The library DVD Collection is available for you to check out. Movies are shelved alphabetically.

Films on Demand database

Use the library's Films on Demand database to find short educational films on Shakespeare's works, theater, and criticism. 

To search Films on Demand, type in your keywords and limit your search to streaming films.Sample Film Titles:

Shakespeare Movie Adaptations

The following Shakespear adaptations are available in Holman Library's DVD collection:

Why Media?

Use multimedia resources for general analysis of Shakespeare's works and to see how they have been interpreted by other artists. 

Shakespeare on Audio CD

Search for CDs of Spoken Shakespeare in the library catalog.

Search for Shakespeare or by specific title.

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Shakespeare Movie Adaptations (cont.)