A guide to general and critical resources in theatre and film.

Why use reference?

Academic Encyclopedia, or Reference, articles are a good source of introductory information and will help you get started on a research project. Use reference to: 

  • Learn about general schools of thoughts/literary movements. (GVRL)

  • Learn about an author. (Biography in Context-biographies)

  • Get an overview of critical approaches to a written text. (Gale/Gale Literature Literary Sources)

  • Learn about a historical era or cultural movement that offers important context to a literary work. (US & World History in Context).

  • Reference articles may also provide the specialized vocabulary of a field and leads to key sources on a topic.

Literature Criticism Reference in online databases

More on GVRL (Gale Virtual Reference Library): Find background information on authors, literary texts, and schools of literary thought. GVRL is an interdisciplinary database, so it's helpful to limit your search to two collections: Arts (for film) and Literature at Subject:

IN GVRL Limit to subject subsets Arts & Literature

A few sample titles in GVRL:

Useful Library Databases