A guide to general and critical resources in theatre and film.

Constructing a Search: Keywords

What do I know? What do I wish to know?

Start with what you know. Add to your search terms as you research and learn.

Name of Work Author Theoretical Lens Issues/Questions/Themes
Ex: Oedipus Rex Sophocles



Psychoanalytic theory





Connect your key ideas to find relevant articles, books, and more. Example:

Download the handout below to brainstorm keywords. Construct possible sample searches from your keywords to try in library databases.

Subject Terms

Try Subject Terms to capture the most relevant texts on a subject.

Note: Subject Terms may exclude some results.

Sample Subject Terms:

  • Theater
  • Drama
  • Criticism
  • Drama -- 20th Century -- History and criticism
  • Drama -- History & criticism
  • FEMINIST criticism  
  • Theater Criticism

Look for relevant Subject Terms as you search with keywords or browse Thesaurus or Subject Terms.