ENGL 128 Research Writing: Science, Engineering and Business

This guide will help students complete research writing assignments for English 128.

Find Sources for Professionals

Why use Trade Journals?

  • Trade and Professional publications are the journals and magazines written for people who work in an industry. 

They are a great resource to learn about:

  • current trends
  • research news
  • best practices in a field
  • opinion on current governmental policies on the field
  • professional development, and more. 

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Advertising Age

Locating Trade Journals

The image below shows the search page for ProQuest Combined. It is, however, just one of the many databases we subscribe to at GRC that house articles from trade journals. Other databases should have similar tools, though they may be located in different locations on the screen. 

Search tips:

  • Search using multiple keywords. Use quotation marks around terms you'd like to keep together as a single concept. 
  • Limit to Full-Text options if you want to see results that you can immediately download
  • Under Source Type, here on the first screen, or after you try your search, you can limit to Trade Journals

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Advanced Search in Proquest showing how to limit to trade journals

Databases by Area

ComputerWorld - Trade Publication