GEOL 106

Look for Reliable Information on your Animals

Research your Animals & Geologic Era

Find information on the following:
  • your animals' "profiles," including size, shape and genus  
  • your animals' biology: diet and habitat
  • the taxonomic classification of your animals
  • the geologic time period in which the animals lived
  • a map of the paleogeography of the era
  • images of what they are thought to have looked like
  • facts about the discovery of the fossil and subsequent discovery
  • info on the first person who described the animal and the date it was first described
  • 3 additional interesting facts

Keep in mind that one resource may not have all the information you want or need.

You may also include additional information to earn up extra credit.  Ways to earn extra credit are mentioned in the above instructions and also include:

  • Include extra information extra images that explain more about your animal or write extra facts about one or more of your 3 animals.
  • Include an additional animal that was not listed in the instructions or outlines as off limits/reserved.
  • Include information about one of the paleontologist or a paleoartist who worked on one or more of your animals.
  • You can also earn extra credit by creating your own reconstruction of one or more of the animals you are presenting,  BUT you must submit a short separate report that includes: 1) an image of both your your work while it was in progress = not yet finished, 2) your finished work, and 2) a short statement about how you decided what the animal’s appearance would be.
  • Your project requires you to conduct research in and cite at least four sources.
  • You will write a properly formatted APA style bibliography with at least 4 numbered references.
  • Each reference should have a short description of what information it provided.
  • You need to indicate which sources (must be a minimum of one) you found through Holman Library and indicate source type for all your sources.
    • You can find that information in the library One Search. Please ask if you'd like help with that.
Sample Bibliography (click on image to enlarge): 

sample bibliography

Books were found in Holman Library.