BTAC 100: Fundamentals of Computers

Research on Ethical Issues in Business Technology

Use Library Resources to Find the Facts & some Opinion

Holman Library One Search

Use One Search to search for your sources across all of our databases at once!

  • IMPORTANT: Use limiters from the menu to choose by source type, date, and more. 

Sample search of ("online retail" OR e-commerce) AND privacy:

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STEP 1: Type in keywords

One Search: ecommerce AND privacy

STEP 2: Use limiters to refine your search 

To start with, try limiting to Reference. Reference sources can provide a factual overview of a topic!

source types


Search Tips for Business News & Analysis Databases

Learn about your issue from current news and industry sources!

  • For news, limit to magazines and newspapers
  • For professional perspectives, limit to trade (there's some overlap with magazines)
  • For opinion, select Opinion or Commentary or Editorial at Document Type. 

See the example below for a search in Business Source Complete.

  • Note: For this search I limited to within the past five years and full text only. I can still limit to specific source types. 
  • Note: To get an overview of what an article is about, click on the title and read the abstract, which is a summary and overview of the source. 

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Business Source Complete cloud computing and ethics

Excerpt from the second result, the magazine article "Personalization, Privacy, and the Problem of Oversharing" 

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Opening to article Personalization, Privacy, and the Problem of Oversharing

Find Facts and Learn about the Debates

Sample in CQ Researcher. 

Browse or Search for relevant reports. The images below show how to browse from science & technology > computers and the internet.

The second image shows the start to the article on Net Neutrality.

(Click on images to enlarge)

Browse Topics in CQ Researcher

CQ Researcher article on Net Neutrality

Using Different Types of Sources

Use different information resources to find different kinds of information.

Reference book articles, or academic encyclopedias, are a great place to start. Go to reference for background knowledge, theoretical terms, an overview of the history of a subject or issues, key players - and leads to more information.

example of sources 
Reference book articles, or academic encyclopedias, are a great place to start.
Read reference for:
  • background knowledge
  • theoretical terms
  • an overview of the history of a subject or issues
  • key players
  • leads to more information.
Business Ethics and Society
Read books, book chapters, and essays in anthologies for:
  • in-depth analysis
  • history
  • opinion
  • theory
  • multiple perspectives
image of a book
Read newspaper articles for:
  • a daily account of events and issues on a local, regional, national or international scale
  • analysis of current issues
  • editorial and opinion pieces
  • business, environment and science news
image of newspapers
Read magazine articles for:
  • more in-depth discussion of current events and issues in the news
  • longer articles written for an interested audience in lay-person language on technology, health, science, business and more
  • illustrations: charts, pictures and graphs
magazine cover - bloomberg business week
View and listen to multimedia for:
  • documentaries on current science, engineering and business topics
  • informed discussion and analysis
  • case studies & personal accounts
  • background information
image of a video online
Read trade articles to learn about:
  • news briefs or overviews of current research and tools
  • current trends and updates in the profession
  • professional terminology
  • opinion on governmental policy, current issues, and more
  • professional development
  • to find leads to more information on your subject
professional journal: security management
Read scholarly articles and books to learn about:
  • current research
  • in-depth analysis
  • metareviews of the literature
  • professional terminology
  • find data, statistics, charts, and other factual information
  • to get a sense of the scope of the scholarly conversation on your subject
  • to find leads to more information on your subject
Business Ethics Quarterly

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Use the four tabbed pages to find info in HL One Search, Business News & Analysis Databases, Current Issues Databases.

For an overview of why you use different info or source types in research, please use the page An Overview of Information Types.