ENGL 127 Writing: Social Sciences (Martin)

For students in Aley Martin's section of English127

Using Trade Journals

Why use Trade Journals?

  • Trade and Professional publications are the journals and magazines written for people who work in an industry or profession. 

They are a great resource to learn about current trends, research, and practices in your field; opinion on how current governmental policies impact your field; professional development, and more. 

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Cover of "Corrections Today" a trade journal

Limiting to Trade publications

Use the library databases ProQuest and Academic Search Complete to search for articles within trade publications. 

  • Check the box for Trade Journals to limit to just these sources.

Searching for Trade journals in the library's databases is easy! It just requires a little check box to be selected. As shown in the image below, you will see a list of source types when you use the advanced search option in most databases. You can choose to first enter a keyword and carry out the search, then limit by Source Type, choosing "Trade Journals" on the left. Or, on the initial advanced search page, you can begin your search by first limiting to "Trade Journals"

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source type box showing all the types of articles you can limit to, featuring "trade journals" as selected

Here is a search of the image above, in the context of the larger page. 

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Proquest search page showing how to limit by source type, here, to Trade Journals

Other databases to consider

Subject Specific Databases

Below are a few subject-specific databases you can use to search for trade publications

  • Remember to limit to full-text if you need articles immediately, If not, you can request articles for free through ILL.
  • Limit by source type, choosing "Trade Journals"