ENGL 127 Writing: Social Sciences (Martin)

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Using Periodicals - What are they good for?

Why Use Magazines?

Mother Jones cover

(image citation below)

When you search the library's periodical databases, most articles in your results are either from a newspaper, magazine, or journal.

  • A magazine article is a great source of information and analysis on current events and issues. 
  • Magazines may offer opinion.
  • Most magazine articles are written by journalists for a general adult audience. 
  • They tend to be longer and more substantive than newspaper articles, but more accessible than scholarly articles.

Suggested Magazines

Image source: "Cover image for November/December 2013." 2013. MotherJones.com, Mother Jones and the Foundation for National Progress., 2013, www.motherjones.com/mag/2013/11/toc/. Accessed 3 Oct. 2020.

Use the database to help you. You can:

  • Connect keywords
  • Limit to a source type
  • Limit to a publication
  • Set a date range
  • Find additional relevant keywords and subject terms
  • Read abstracts
  • Find a range of relevant sources

Why Use Newspapers?


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  • Newspaper articles provide us with a daily snapshot of current events and issues. 
  • Read newspaper articles for news and analysis of current and past international, national and local issues. 
  • Newspapers also give us insight into opinion on what's happening in the world.
  • Read editorials, op-eds, and opinion pieces to learn about viewpoints on current and past international, national and local issues.

Image source: Sollok29. News-media-standards.jpg. 8 Apr. 2016. Wikimedia Commons, commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/ File:News-media-standards.jpg.

Suggested Newspapers

Search Google News for current and archived headlines from around the world.

For more on newspapers, you can link to the Holman Library Newspaper Subject Guide.

Go straight to the alternative press

Search within the alternative press

  • Tip: To limit your search to only magazine articles or only new articles: click the "More Search Options" tab near the bottom of the screen. Select magazines and/or newspapers at "Publication Type." 
  • To find more substantial news articles, try limiting to Feature at "Document Type."
Additional News Sources

One Search

While you cannot limit to Magazines from One Search, it is a useful way to search across multiple news databases. 

Local News

Finding Local Mainstream Print News

Local Alternative & Independent Newspapers

Local Alternative & Independent Newspapers 

See what's happening locally and how different communities talk about themselves and their issues in the pages of these alternative publications.