CJ 101 Introduction to Criminal Justice (Swenson)

Special Topic: US Corrections & the Prison System

Fall 2020 Focus on The US Prison System and Corrections

trends in US Corrections - sentencing project


Your Assignment

Your research assignment requires you to use library tools to search for and select current sources on a criminal law topic. Use this guide to help you find, evaluate, and cite information:

Current news stories 
  • Use the Find News Media tab to choose at least five current (within the past month) news articles from magazines and newspapers on your topic.
Current scholarship
  • Use the Find Scholarship tab to choose one current (Within the past year) scholarly source on your topic.
  • Use the Evaluate tab to help you assess each of your sources . You will need to identify the author's credentials and expertise, as well as the point of view and/or bias of the article.
  • Use the Cite your Sources tab to help you identify key elements of a citation: author, article title, publication (source) title, and publication date.
Need Help?

The Find Help tab includes ways to speak with librarians in-person, by phone, email, or 24/7 online chat.