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Holman Library Biography search

If you have a name to start with:

To look up information about a specific chemists or other person in the sciences, follow these steps for Biography in Context:

Step 1:Type the full name of the individual in the search bar and search.

Step 2: Choose Biographies from source types to find introductory overviews about the person.  

To explore chemists:

To look for chemists, use this second link to open the People Search of Biography in Context.

To use Biography in Context to look for chemists, follow these steps: 

Step 1: Use limiters to define the characteristics of your search. If your assignment asks you to do a little research on a chemist of color:

Step 2: At Ethnicity, select a race or ethnicity from the list

Step 3: At Occupation, select at least one occupation. You can choose more than one if your person works in multiple fields, such as chemistry and astrophysics. 

Explore Person Search in Bio in Context

Science Reference Center

Use the Scientists filter to browse or search for a specific chemist.

Holman Library One Search

Use the Holman Library One Search to look for information on a specific chemist or to browse for ideas. 

Type phrases in quotes.

  • Ex: "george washington carver"
  • Ex: "african american chemists"

image of search results of african american chemists

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