ENGL 251: Asian American Literature

Literary Contexts

Get an introduction to key themes, stylistic choices, critical reception, and historical contexts with Topic and Work Overviews.  

Search by any or a mix of the following:

  • Keyword: ex: "Asian American Literature"
  • Author: ex "Tan, Amy" or "Amy Tan"
  • Title: ex: "No-No Boy"

Limit to Topic & Work Overviews. (See the three illustrations below, one for Asian American Literature and the other for Amy Tan AND Two Kinds.)

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Illustration 1: "Two Kinds" AND "Tan, Amy"

Gale Literature- Amy Tan AND Two Kinds

Illustration 2: The Results List - For Topic and Work Overviews, Short Stories (or other genre) for Students is a good choice.

  • Tip: Select the article with the most info - in this case, a critical essay, overview and more...

Gale-Lit-Topic and Work Overviews

Illustration 3: You can search by idea as well. In this case, I looked for overviews on "Asian American Literature"

Gale Lit Topic Overviews for Asian American Literature



Find Books for Context

Use books for historical, biographical, and cultural contexts. 

Search by author, era, issue, etc.