ENGL 251: Asian American Literature

Why use book reviews, news, and interviews?

Book reviews, news articles, and interviews are a great way to get an introduction to how other readers interpret a work and to hear an author talk about their work.

Find Reviews, News & Interviews in Multidisciplinary Databases

Look for book reviews, analysis and author interviews in library periodical databases. 

  • Use limiters to select newspapers and magazines at source type.
  • Use limiters or keywords to limit to reviews.
  • Use keywords that capture your topic.

Find Reviews in ProQUest

Gale Literature - Find News, Reviews & Interviews

To learn more about your author, their work, the critical reception, and the ideas and issues they write about,

  • limit to: news, reviews, and interviews.
    • Tip: To find interviews, select biographies, reviews and news, primary sources, media. 

Gale Lit - Mukherjee - reviews, news, interviews

Find Reviews, News & Interviews in Multimedia

You are not limited to the links above. You will find many interview websites online.