ENGL 128 Research Writing: Science, Engineering and Business

This guide will help students complete research writing assignments for English 128.

Searching Article Databases

Searching the Databases

The library's research databases will help you find magazine, newspaper, and journal articles that are often not freely available through the internet. 

Consider the list of databases linked below to search for articles from a wide range of academic subjects, or consider the databases organized by subject here in the tabs of this box.

To limit your search to news articles, select magazine and newspaper at source type. You can try limiting to features and cover stories for lengthier, more substantive pieces.

Science & Engineering Databases

Business Databases

Health Science Databases

Natural Science Databases

How to Locate Newspaper & Magazine Articles

Advanced Searching Tips

Choosing to use multiple, simple keywords is a great way to search in the library's databases. In the image below, you can see the following tips highlighted

  • Be sure to slowly build a focused search with relevant search terms; make sure your spelling is correct!
  • Use AND to narrow and focus. Example: concussion AND children
  • Use OR for an alternative term. Example: concussion OR traumatic brain injury
  • When you see an article that may be promising, read the abstract to determine the relevance and to help you select articles to read as a part of your research. Look through many additional abstracts to get a sense of the scholarly conversation on your topic!
  • You can check the "full-text" option if you need to access articles immediately. However, you can also leave this unchecked to see more article options. That is, you can see results for articles that GRC might have in other databases or articles you can request through interlibrary loan.  

(click on image to enlarge)

screenshot of a search in academic search - showing the points outlined in the text above the image

  • The image above is taken from a search in Academic Search Complete. Most of the databases by the Ebsco vendor will look like this. While each database will look a little bit different, the features shown above can be found in those databases as well (just perhaps in different locations on the screen).

Why Use News Publications?

covers of newspapers and magazines

Source: The images above were taken by GRC Librarians

Why use Magazine articles?
  • Most magazine articles are written by reputable journalists for a general adult audience. 
  • They tend to be longer and more substantive than newspaper articles, but more accessible than scholarly articles.
  • Journalists research their stories by speaking to experts as well as those impacted by events.
  • Facts are checked for accuracy and lack of bias by an editor.
  • Some magazines are magazines of opinion.
Why use Newspaper articles?
  • Newspapers are generally published on a 24 hour news cycle, so they provide a snapshot of current events and issues. 
  • Read newspaper articles to learn about current and past international, national and local concerns. 
  • Newspapers can also offer in-depth analysis of issues. The Sunday edition of The New York Times, for example, provides thoughtful, well-researched news and analysis. 
  • Journalists research their stories by speaking to experts as well as those impacted by events.
  • Facts are checked for accuracy and lack of bias by an editor.
  • Read editorials, op-eds, and opinion pieces in both newspapers and magazines to learn about viewpoints on current and past international, national and local issues.

Locating Magazines & Newspapers

You can limit by source type in most databases. The instructions and the images below show how you can limit to magazines and/or newspaper articles in any EBSCO database (like Academic Search) and in any ProQuest database, though the way to limit should be similar in all GRC databases

  • As shown in the image below, you can look under "Source Type" and limit to just magazines and newspapers

(click on image to enlarge)

screenshot of the database showing how to limit to magazines and newspapers under "source types" on the left-hand side of the results page in academic search

Local News

Finding Local Mainstream Print News