ENGL 101 English Composition 1

A collection of resources for assignments commonly seen in ENGL&101 at Green River College.

The Informative Essay

Beginning your Search

The information on this page is aimed at helping you pause a moment to think about your topic, even before you start searching. The following sub-tabs to the left can be used to navigate this portion of the guide and help you locate different types of sources.

Keep it simple

What Are Keywords?

Keywords are the search terms you use to find information on your topic. You use keywords to search library tools or the web.

Keywords denote the core idea, concept, name, or event you want to learn about.

Tips on using keywords:
  • Keywords can be single terms or simple phrases
  • Put phrases in quotes to search the words as a phrase: "climate change" or "global warming"
  • Keywords have both synonyms and related terms

Ex: global warming = greenhouse emissions, carbon emissions, greenhouse effect, global warming AND environmental policy, or the Kyoto accord. 

Combine keywords with Boolean operators "AND"and "OR" to get more relevant results.

  • Use "AND" to combine terms to focus your search (global warming AND developing nations)
  • Use "OR" to broaden your search with results from either (greenhouse emissions OR greenhouse effect).

Subject Terms are the keywords the library catalog and databases use to put articles on the same subject together. Use the subject terms you find in library databases for a more precise search vocabulary.

Ex: use "environmental policy" instead of "climate policy"

Just the facts ma'am

post it notes

  • An informative essay aims to educate an audience rather than persuade.
  • Be sure to define, explain, and support your ideas. 
  • An informative essay may address debates and opinions on the topic, but it will not take a stand on those debates.