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CJ 110 Criminal Law: Home

This guide will help you locate background, news sources, and law, as well as APA citation information, for your research project on crimes against public decency / order in Jane Swenson's class.

Project Requirements

Your written report has four required sections - use the suggested resources in this guide to help you find, evaluate, and cite information for each section:

  • Explain your topic - Use the Find Background tab to find articles from specialized reference works (and your textbook) that can help you define your topic and summarize its history.
  • Current news stories - Use the Find News Articles tab to locate current news from magazines, newspapers, and relevant websites on your topic.
  • Explain your opinion - Use Find the Existing Opinion to identify news analysis and opinion, as well as scholarship that takes a stand on your topic. Also, Use the Evaluate tab to suggest some questions you can ask about your sources to decide if they will help you make the strongest argument possible. The Cite Sources tab includes examples of how to credit the sources you use and format in-text and Reference list citations in APA style. 
  • Find the law in Washington State - Use the Find Laws tab to explore state, county, and city laws on your topic.
  • Need Help? - The Find Help tab includes ways to speak with librarians in-person, by phone, email, or 24/7 online chat. You can also get help with your presentation from the Public Speaking Center and your written report from the Writing Center.

Class Worksheet

Be sure to save this document to your One Drive or email it to yourself

Welcome to your CJ 110 Research Guide!

Use the tabs above to navigate through the guide and help you find sources for your presentations and written report assignments.

FreddieGrayPrecinctProtest  Univ. of Melbourne student protestWapello sign

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